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Do you need to submit a UK Visa application without risk? Have you been refused a visa and need help? We can help! Our network of Solicitor’s have high success rates, wealth of experience, are specialists in UK immigration and only work on a fixed fee basis.

Have any questions? Call on 0203 740 7501 and we will find you a solicitor to suit your immigration matter, budget and location.

UK immigration is an extremely complicated area of UK law and hiring a UK Solicitor is proven to enhance the chances of a successful case outcome. Did you know? Having immigration representation can increase the chances of case success by as much as 75%. Don’t take chances and use a professional solicitor you can trust.

Having your case presented to the Home Office by our network of Solicitors, in a way the Home Office understands, can go a long way in your application being accepted. When there are complications, or you don't satisfy certain requirements, our network of Solicitors can help with legal representation.

Have any questions? We’ve got the answers, call us on 0203 740 7501

What clients say...

Mr. Khorsandi from Iran

"Thanks for the representation from my solicitor to prevent being deported.Thanks for your help and services."

Mrs.Broadbelt from USA

"Your company helped my daughter to live in the UK with the rest of my family, the solicitor and his team helped us win her appeal."

Mr.Bilboe from Poland

"We thank you so much for the help and hard work you did for us."

Mr Dimi from Congo

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank UK Immigration Solicitor for the services provided in respect of my wife's immigration matter. A special thank you to my caseworker and her assistants, and everyone who worked on this matter from start to finish."

Mrs Fish-Pace from UK

" We would all like to thank each and every one of you for seeing us though this terrible time. We couldn't have done it without you."

Why Our Clients Choose Us

  • High Success Rate

    Our Immigration experts ensure your case is flawless, boosting your chances of success

  • Wealth of Experience

    Our Immigration Experts have years of experience

  • Experts in UK Immigration

    Our Experts have a global client-base, dealing with individual cases worldwide

  • Fast Visa Application Turnaround

    Our Experts provide a swift service; your waiting time is minimal.

  • Agreed Fixed Fee

    No on-going or hidden charges!